FireStones 1.2

FireStones is a tetris-like game that has a small twist
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FireStones is a puzzle game created by Apus Software. The game is similar to a color Tetris. The pieces are composed of three blocks each, and each block may have a different color. The objective is to match three blocks of the same type in a horizontal, vertical or perpendicular way. The other twist the game has is that the pieces do not maintain the same shape. If there is a space beneath them the blocks will drop down. This adds a good mix of puzzle, because you have to consider the colors of several different blocks and not only of the top ones or the shape they have. When you match three or more, they will burst into fire and disappear, allowing for combos to come into place. The game formula and dynamics is good and does create a good bit of challenge. However the game's presentation is too simple, there is no real menu, no options. The sounds and graphics are sub-par and you cannot change the weird blue color scheme of the game. The good thing is that it is free and can run in basically any computer. So if you are a fan of these kind of games, you can try Firestones.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Free
  • Good puzzle idea


  • No Menu
  • Low-end graphics and sounds
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